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New Works by Deak and Sinco Performed in New York

by: Colin Oettle

After, Deak Hurries Off to Play Maazel’s Final Performance

NEW YORK, NY — Associate Principal Bassist of the New York Philharmonic Jon Deak came forward, applauding, to shake the hands of musicians led by conductor Thomas Carlo Bo after they completed a performance his composition Lad, a Dog (Part II: The Visitor). The work is a one movement piece, performed by two narrators, violin, clarinet, and piano. Originally, the work featured only the three instrumentalists. They were to narrate the text themselves as per directions in the score. Furthermore, it was chamber music—no conductor required. This performance, however, definitely benefited from both the narrators and the conductor. While I never witnessed the chamber music version, I do think the additions improved the effectiveness of the piece. View Full Article »

NY Times: Ancient Flute Offers Clues to Musical Past

by: Colin Oettle

Predates Band Camp By Thousands of years

The New York Times reported that a flute, at least 35,000 years old, was found in a cave in southwest Germany. The flute was created around the same time as the earliest known sculptures—an indication that the two art forms may have evolved simultaneously. This particular bone flute, archaeologists say, is the most complete they have found, possessing five finger holes. Along with other specimens, this flute suggests music may have been a widespread element of human culture around that time period. Until now, examples of instruments had been too scarce to confirm any suspicion on the matter. The Times speculates about the role of the flute—and music itself at the time—citing German archaeologists who said music “could have contributed to the maintenance of larger social networks, and thereby perhaps have helped facilitate the demographic and territorial expansion of modern humans.” Read the article at

Maazel Conducts Symphony of a Thousand

by: Colin Oettle

Lorin Maazel
Lorin Maazel finishes his time with the Phil this week with a run of Mahler’s Symphony of a Thousand. Performances are 7:30pm June 24 and 25, 8:00pm June 26 and 27. Get tickets here.

Two Nights Sold Out—Maazel Conducts Symphony of a Thousand

by: Colin Oettle

Grammatical Error in Title Goes Unquestioned

Lorin MaazelLorin Maazel’s final performances with the New York Philharmonic span the nights of June 24 – June 27. The program is Mahler’s Symphony No. 8—the Symphony of a Thousand. The June 24 and 26 performances are already sold out, so if you’re debating whether to attend, don’t wait too long. Find the event homepage here.

Lorin Maazel Closes NYSE

by: Colin Oettle

Finds Gavel Significantly Heavier Than Baton

Lorin Maazel rang the closing bell of the NYSE today in commemoration of his reign over the Philharmonic. You can watch the event take place here.

New York Phil Launches iPhone Application

by: Colin Oettle

Causes Even Less Eye Contact on Subway

NY Phil iPhone AppNew York Philharmonic fans everywhere now have the ability to directly receive news and updates from the Phil, provided they possess Apple’s recently updated iPhone.

The App is powered by the Instant Encore online service, which is a website with classical concert listings for many metropolitan areas throughout the country. The application is available here, and requires an Instant Encore account. Signup is quite easy however; check the link for a full hands-on.
View Full Article »

Atlanta Symphony: Star Wars and Holst

by: Colin Oettle

Mei-Ann Chen will conduct an audio/visual spectacle in Atlanta on July 11. The program will feature Gustav Holst’s The Planets, accompanied by images of our solar system to parallel the music. The program also includes music from John Williams’s Star Wars Suite as well as Strauss’s Also sprach Zarathustra. The program is July 11 at 8:00pm.

Atlanta Symphony: Carmina Burana and Barber of Seville

by: Colin Oettle

Music Director Robert Spano will conduct his only summer performance with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The program will consist of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, and The Barber of Seville. The program is June 20, 8:00pm.

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