Royal Opera Singer Breaks Leg Onstage

Misinterprets Common Saying

by: Colin Oettle

Joyce DiDonato broke her leg last Saturday during an onstage accident at the Royal Opera House in London. She was playing Rosina in Rossini’s Barber of Seville, when she slipped onstage and hurt her leg. DiDonato managed to hobble around stage for the rest of the performance, singing “the rest of the three-hour opera on crutches and in nonstop pain,” according to ArtsBeat.

Her blog recounts the four-hour long visit to the emergency room where she shocked the doctor after telling him she remained on her feet for three hours after sustaining the injury. At the time, DiDonato said she was determined to finish the run of the opera. Check the full article to see how that worked out.

Pink Cast
As the run of The Barber of Seville continues, DiDonato writes on her blog about the newest addition to the performance: a wheelchair. Though restricted to the chair, she still grips the audience with the feminine strength required for Rosina. Still, there was some adaptation required for the performance. As DiDonato describes again on her blog:

For example, under "normal" circumstances, when Rosina believes she has been betrayed, a storm wells up in her and she completely trashes the set. Well, at this point, it's not only a matter of dramatic choice, but it's a technical necessity for various bits of action that must happen, so we had to find a solution. Last night, Rosina called in Berta (the maid) and in a show of feminine unity, I "conducted" Berta through the trashing of the set! Innovation at work.

On her blog, DiDonato reiterates that she will continue the run, and thanks her cast, crew, and husband for being so helpful and supportive during her fractured tibia and/or fibula (she claims to have broken her “fibia” but I am unable to find that bone on any diagram) adventure.



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