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Ax, Schiff, Others Opine On Beethoven’s 32 Piano Sonatas

by: Colin Oettle

Admit They Haven’t Played Them All

Carnegie Hall Sound Insights has collaborated with seven professional pianists to provide an in depth look at Beethoven’s 32 piano sonatas. This collection of sonatas is one of Beethoven’s most significant accomplishments, and the artists’ expertise gives listeners of all levels an excellent understanding of the way the sonatas trace different periods in Beethoven’s life. With separate analyses for the early, middle, and late sonatas, the media clips include podcast-like talks as well as excerpts of professional recordings. Click on through for the original article and a list of all the contributing artists.
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French Record Label to Record Unpublished Vivaldi Works

by: Colin Oettle

All 450 Of Them

The French record label Naïve is undertaking a project to record 450 unpublished compositions by well known Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi. As reported by New York Times Music, the project is administrated by American musician Susan Orlando, who commented that despite economic hardship, the project is expected to continue through 2015. Upon completion, the entirety of Vivaldi’s musical legacy will be preserved on a 100 CD set available from Naïve. For extensive information regarding the project, and a professional’s take on the beauty of Vivaldi’s music, check out the article at the Times

CNN Top Story: Mozart May Have Died From Strep Throat

by: Colin Oettle

Researchers theorize that Mozart may have died as a result of kidney damage caused by strep throat. After analyzing data from the death registry in Vienna, scientists have postulated that “edema,” the listed cause of Mozart’s death, may have come as a result of untreated strep throat. Edema is the wasting away that could have also been associated with diabetes or cancer, however the spike in edema related deaths during the year Mozart died leads researchers to believe there was an epidemic of strep throat during the cold season. Check the full article for more info.
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