A Music Lover’s Stimulus Package

Pay Attention Orchestra Directors

by: Ian

Listen up people. We’ve all heard about Obama’s stimulus package. But since that hasn’t come through yet, how about a symphony subscription stimulus? The Pasadena Symphony and POPS is currently offering a buy one, get one free deal for all new subscribers.

If you’re a frequent reader of The Sound Post, you’re familiar with my stance on the importance of not just selling tickets, but getting people in the seats. It’s no secret that orchestras rely on gifts and donations in order to stay out of the red. Tickets that have been sold but end up on scalpers’ desks the night of a performance aren’t of service to anyone. This is going to bring in those big checks the ensembles need.

The stimulus also has two other options that appeal to families and students. The new FamilyPack allows kids ages 14 and under entry into concerts for just $10 (when accompanied by an adult of course), and the Student SoundCheck card gets you into the best seats in the house for all five Symphony Concerts, or the four POPS concerts for an undisclosed low price.

Mark my words, this move by the Pasadena Symphony is going to pay off BIG. Original article from PasadenaNOW below, as well as a link to where you can take advantage of this great offer if you’re on the West Coast.



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