Aaron Rosand Says Goodbye to His Guarneri

Here’s Lookin at You Kid

by: Colin Oettle

Violinist Aaron Rosand relinquished his violin in a London hotel last week after more than half a century with the instrument. Rosand sold the instrument because he “had” to; he wanted to ensure it will be played as he approaches his golden years—a contingency to which the Russian billionaire who bought the violin agreed.

Rosand says parting with the instrument “felt as if I left part of my body behind.” The Guarneri del Gesu was made in 1741, and previously belonged to violinist Paul Kochanski, earning it the nickname “ex-Kochanski.” Rosand spent his career with that violin, and says he sold it to make sure it continued to see the hands of capable violinists.

Although his performing days are waning, Rosand is staying involved with the arts—particularly his Alma Mater, The Curtis Institute of Music. Mr. Rosand has already donated $1.5 million to the conservatory after the sale, and intends to continue giving. The price tag of his instrument: $10 million.

Source: NY Times.



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