Exclusive Interview: August Kleinzahler on Music I-LXXIV

by: Ian

Here it is! My exclusive interview with August Kleinzahler. If you aren’t familiar with this man, you soon will be.

Fighting jet lag from his recent trip to Birmingham, England, Augie sat down with The Sound Post for a midnight interview about his latest book, Music I-LXXIV. A collection of essays from his weekly column in the San Diego Reader and other publications, the New York Times praises the book, “The battered, roomy, intellectual charm of his poetry floods these music pieces; they’re offhanded and penetrating at the same time.”

In this Sound Post exclusive interview he discusses everything from the day he cut study hall and first tried his hand at poetry, to his hatred of iPods. This lighthearted interview really captures the man behind the words.

Augie won the 2008 National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry. He has published ten poetry books, including “Sleeping It Off in Rapid City”, which the Times calls “one of the decades best collections.” Music I-LXXIV is his first venture outside of the genre. His essays range from 2-10 pages in length and are full of hilarity, history, and at times, downright absurdity. It represents the perfect bathroom or bedside read for musicians. And at the least, you will come out with a new list of recording to hear – and some to avoid (San Francisco Chronicle).

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  1. […] David Yearsley, of Cornell University, has written a delightful piece on The Sound Post’s favorite poet, August Kleinzahler. In an article on counterpunch.org, Yearsley praises the fresh, “catholic and quirky” humor of Kleinzahler’s latest publication, Music I-LXXIV. He describes some of the more eclectic tales from the collection of musical essays, and admires the ways in which subjects such as criticism, nostalgia, and dedication are presented by the award-winning poet. Kleinzahler’s tastes are both catholic and quirky, and while he often hides behind the armor of the amateur, claiming less than professional knowledge of his material, he writes about these staggeringly diverse interests with wit, warmth, and eye and ear for the unexpected. His take on music both obscure and canonic always refreshes, doing what the best criticism should do: providing new insights into classics, or prodding one to explore repertories previously unknown. Many collectors are bores. Kleinzahler is the most gracious of interlocutors. From the Liberace Museum to Persian aub Zam Zam, by David Yearsley In case you missed it, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kleinzahler in October for an interview following the release of his latest work, Music I-LXXIV. Exclusive Interview with August Kleinzahler. […]



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