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BBC Podcast: US Orchestras Surviving Recession

Part III: Anthology of Orchestra Economics

by: Colin Oettle

Amidst the nebulous financial situation plaguing many US orchestras, BBC’s Matt Wells visited the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Tanglewood to consult both players and administration alike.
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Breaking: Orchestra Finance Woes Part II, Syracuse Symphony

by: Colin Oettle

The Syracuse Symphony Orchestra cut its upcoming season from 40 to 34 weeks today in an effort to endure dwindling funds. Meanwhile, the orchestra needs to raise $500,000 to cover the deficit in its $7.4 million budget, says The Watertown Daily Times. Faced with possibility of shutting down for the summer, the SSO managed to keep its doors open with help from an anonymous benefactor. View Full Article »

Basically All North American Arts Organizations Losing Money: Part I

Barely Counts as News Anymore

by: Colin Oettle

Editor’s note: The Sound Post generally avoids covering the recent downturn in arts funding as it does little to help the situation and simultaneously neglects the more important aspect of the industry—the art. But just as the headlines flow about organizations seeing red, there is a similar trickle of news about surfacing grants and endowments. So, this multi-part story will attempt to chronicle the down and up of the music industry; for now we lament the dwindling zeros, but look for updates on how everyone is not only keeping their heads above water, but climbing back into the boat.

As the cooling economy continues to do its number on the numbers of many North American arts organizations, orchestras and opera houses across the US are reevaluating their budgets in an effort to weather the dreary economic climate. View Full Article »

Study Finds Classical Music Effective Antidepressant

Discover Penicillin Effective Antibiotic

by: Colin Oettle

A recent study in Mexico found that 29 out of 41 patients exhibiting low to medium depression showed improvement after listening to Mozart and other classical works for 50 minutes every day. Another group who received a 30 minute psychologist-led counseling session once a week did not see nearly the same results.

Of course, the question begs whether the frequency or quality of counseling is to blame, but nonetheless the study adds validity to what is often accused of being a bubba meinze—that listening to classical music is good for you. View Full Article »

Seiji Ozawa to Return Following Cancer Treatment

by: Colin Oettle

Seiji Ozawa, who was diagnosed with cancer in January, will conduct at the Saito Kinen Festival in Japan for the first time since his treatment. While his “real physical strength has yet to come back,” Ozawa will perform at Carnegie Hall in December and plans to return to his post at the Vienna State Opera.
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BBC Proms Underway

by: Colin Oettle

The BBC Proms

Photo: Amanda Slater

The BBC Proms 2010 are currently underway at Royal Albert Hall in London. The Proms, which is an all-classical concert series, began in 1895 and consists of nearly 90 performances this year. While Royal Albert Hall houses the larger shows, Cadogan Hall hosts chamber music events and Proms in the Park includes concerts all over the United Kingdom on the “Last Night.” View Full Article »

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