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Schumanns Set to Save Classical Music

by: Colin Oettle

Elizabeth and Sonya Schumann
Pianists Elizabeth and Sonya Schumann are spearheading a project that will bring engaging musical experiences to children. The project is based at, a web platform for funding creative projects.

The sisters believe exposing children to high quality classical performances in a relatable context will create a new generation of classical music lovers. So, they created a children’s CD by carefully pairing short works with an exciting narrative about a girl who adventures overnight in a zoo. Their contribution to music education could simultaneously combat declining classical audiences and enrich the lives of a new generation. Watch the video for a more in depth explanation of the project! View Full Article »

Whitacre’s Virtual Choir of 2052 Voices Performs “Sleep”

Sound Engineer Probably Retires

by: Colin Oettle

A year and a half after Eric Whitacre created a recording of “Lux Aurumque” from videos uploaded to YouTube by 52 separate singers, he and his team set out to create a more massive virtual performance of his work “Sleep.”

Whitacre gave a TED talk in March explaining his vision for these projects, which began when a young woman posted herself singing the soprano line to one of his pieces on YouTube. He posted a video of him conducting Lux Aurumque and invited submissions for the collaboration.

52 uploads later, he created a virtual choir by syncing all the audio tracks together for a unique choral performance. This second effort, however, dwarfs the first project by incorporating the audio and video tracks of 2052 different singers. Read on for the video. View Full Article »

Singer Belts Nine Months After Lung Transplant

by: Colin Oettle

Charity Tillemann-Dick
Charity Tillemann-Dick is a world class soprano with a world class story. Just nine months after undergoing a double lung transplant in tandem with open heart surgery, the tenacious diva regaled her doctor’s with a performance of Puccini’s aria O mio babbino caro.

Before her surgery, Tillemann-Dick battled her condition for 4 years on and off the stage. She continued to perform despite failing health, afraid that a hiatus from singing would stall her momentum. Read on for the CNN video of her performance and link to the original article.
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Follow Up: Fleming Goes Pop

by: Colin Oettle

Renee Fleming
Renée Fleming recently talked with CNN about her newest album, Dark Hope, which was released on June 8 in the US. Dark Hope is an all-pop cover album that represents a departure from the operatic prima donna role that earned Fleming international fame. Inspired by new, edgy and eccentric lyrics, Fleming created not only a new image, but also a new voice for her popular debut.

See The Sound Post’s review of the single Endlessly here, and click through to watch both the CNN and WQXR interviews with Ms. Fleming. View Full Article »

Exclusive Interview With Bridgid Bibbens

Here We Go Again

by: Ian

WOW! What a fun interview. I have got to say that it was truly a blast to shoot this one! As soon as I walked into the Wood Violin workshop and saw Bridgid sporting a Whitesnake t-shirt, and a spiked belt with a Viper axe under her arm, I knew this was going to be a trip.

In this Sound Post exclusive interview, “Go-To-Girl” of Wood Violins, Bridgid Bibbens, sits down with Ian to talk about how she transformed from being a school strings teacher to violin-rockstar and spokesperson for the Electrify Your Strings program. EYS is a string education initiative founded by Mark Wood, and it is quickly sweeping the nation.

Bridgid also details the process of making one of Mark Wood’s famous Viper instruments (and then proceeds to rock out with a familiar tune from Liverpool, England).
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Exclusive: Interview with Susan Waterbury

by: Ian

I had the pleasure of sitting down today with Susan Waterbury, Associate Professor of Violin at Ithaca College. In this Sound Post exclusive interview, Ms. Waterbury talks about the inspiration for her upcoming recital, the experience of collaborating with Jeffery Meyer, and the importance of musicians reaching out into their communities to spread their talent.

Susan Waterbury is Associate Professor of Violin at Ithaca College and a former member of the renowned Cavani Quartet. Waterbury has given masterclasses and recitals in major conservatories both in the US and abroad. She studied with Donald Weilerstein.

Check out her recital on Sunday November 1 at 4pm in Hockett Recital Hall at Ithaca College. Video after the link.
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Exclusive Interview: August Kleinzahler on Music I-LXXIV

by: Ian

Here it is! My exclusive interview with August Kleinzahler. If you aren’t familiar with this man, you soon will be.

Fighting jet lag from his recent trip to Birmingham, England, Augie sat down with The Sound Post for a midnight interview about his latest book, Music I-LXXIV. A collection of essays from his weekly column in the San Diego Reader and other publications, the New York Times praises the book, “The battered, roomy, intellectual charm of his poetry floods these music pieces; they’re offhanded and penetrating at the same time.”

In this Sound Post exclusive interview he discusses everything from the day he cut study hall and first tried his hand at poetry, to his hatred of iPods. This lighthearted interview really captures the man behind the words.
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Video: Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Wieniawski on Accordion

Kid Tears it Up

by: Colin Oettle

accordion kid
The first video shows an impressive accordion transcription of “Summer,” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. While it may not require a critical review, I encourage you to enjoy this impressive and entertaining performance.

The other two videos are even more impressive, and have have been around the internet for about a year. They include the final movement of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto (both solo and orchestra parts), and Wieniawski’s Scherzo and Tarantelle for violin and piano.
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